Your Road to Resilience


Ten years ago, my life came crashing down – my 30 year marriage ended, the kids all left home, and any sense of identity was completely destroyed.
I had achieved many things during those previous years – university degrees, a successful business, 4 healthy children and a happy marriage
Then it all went pear shaped.
I spent months in the darkest of places. Lonely and terrified about what being on my own meant.
I went to bed at night hoping I wouldn’t wake up because I didn’t want to face a day of not knowing what you do.
Then I would wake up filled with anxiety because I had no idea how to start creating a life for myself.
All I wanted was for someone to come along and fix everything for me – and it wasn’t happening.
My son eventually dragged me back into the world. We were at a seminar where I heard someone speaking about clearing the anchors keeping me stuck in negative thought patterns. I heard that it was possible to release fear based living and create a life of passion and happiness.
I didn’t really believe it and I knew I had nothin to lose except a bit of money and some time – so I took the leap.
That decision transformed my life.
Fast forward 10 years, tens of thousands of dollars, and hours of vulnerability, revelations and tears.
I began to recognise and change the habits I had created.
I could change the way I reacted to situations and I could influence what my life looked like.
Since then, I have learned from many people, acquiring tools and techniques that change everything.
My passion has become sharing what I know with those who are ready to transform their lives.
I am privileged to coach so many through their moments of pain and into a life of possibility.
Over the last year, I have been gathering all of my lived and learned experiences into an online program – Your Road to Resilience.
I am so excited to share this online course with those of you who are absolutely ready to take that next step toward creating your best life.
It’s not for everybody. This will challenge the beliefs you have about who you are and what you can do.
You will be asked to step up and step forward into creating your life, your way.
I will nurture you through change and call you on your BS, when needed.
This program is for those of you who are fed up with where they are at.
Tired of the repeated patterns.
Sick of unfulfilling relationships.
Frustrated with the dead end job.
And above all, committed to learning the tools and techniques that will transform your life.
Do the stories that play out in your mind run your life?
Are money beliefs stopping you from earning what you deserve?
What are the relationship behaviours that keep repeating – no matter what you do?
I am thrilled this course is finally here.
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