One-On-One Transformation Program


What is Personal Transformation Work?

How often do you hear "it takes a village"?

Raising a child - takes a village of nurses, teachers, friends and family.

Starting a business - takes a village of advisors, accountants, stockists, marketers and clients.

Yet so often, we stop reaching out for assistance when it comes to inner-selves.

Personal Transformation Coaching gives you the ability to have a one-on-one relationship with me where I will teach you how to ENGAGE all the tools you already possess to live a richer, happier and more fulfilling life.

I know taking this first step is a big deal because I had to do it myself.

I invite you to book a time for a completely free 60min chat with me below.

Change starts with one step and here you are taking it!

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The Cat Valentine One-On-One Transformation Program:

12 ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS over 6 months.

  • These personal 60-minute one-on-one sessions will be conducted over video calling (Zoom or Skype) and your set fortnightly
    session time will be set in your first meeting with your Coach.


  • You will have 1 year's access to fortnightly group transformative masterclasses. Here you are able to expand on your one-on-one work with other people on the same transformative journey. Each session, I lead the group as we explore a topic, a feeling, a belief or an ideology in more detail.


  • This members-only portal gives you access to additional resources including the Your Road To Resilience Online Course, Replays of The Sessions, and bonus courses; Your Relationship Behaviours and Breaking The Chains.


  • ebook by Cat Valentine. Discover the 3 relationship behaviours keeping people from finding fulfilling connections.


  • Access to the Your Road To Resilience Facebook group and online community
I am here to work with you to let go of the stories stopping you from living your brightest, most fulfilling life.
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Why Me?


I woke up 10 years ago with my empire, my “perfect life” in shambles. My 30-year marriage was over, addiction and mental illness had consumed my family and I was so exhausted, lonely and unhappy that the act of waking up itself was petrifying.

Sure, on paper every box was ticked. I was the picture-perfect “good girl”. University. Marriage. Children. Great house. Holidays. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.

How did I end up this unhappy?

How did I end up feeling crippling panic and anxiety because I didn’t know how to find the answers?

My innerwork journey started – gingerly – to say the best. Having tried what I thought was EVERYTHING, I was sceptical when I first came across the teachings I use today.

I went to an event and a perky, smiling woman walked onto the stage. My eyes rolled so hard in my head I almost passed out. It was going to be the longest 90minutes of my life – but she kept saying things I could not ignore.

She told me I had a choice, and I could choose happiness.

That was enough to make the next mornings wake up a little less terrifying. Once I started working with her, I started looking forward to going to sleep because it meant a new day, full of opportunity!

I have gathered the teachings from many more mentors since that day and my passion is sharing them with people who are ready to transform.

There is no magic wand, no instant fix but through the principles, they taught me I am able to live my life, my way.

That is what I am here to offer you. The opportunity to thrive on your terms. To live your life – your way!

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I want to help you reclaim your personal power!

  •  I'll discover why you want coaching.

  • What the main issues are and areas you want to address.

  • We will uncover internal conflicts and confusions.

  • We find out what you want instead.

  • We will explore some of your personal histories to discover the root cause of the problems you are currently facing.

  • We will work together to develop your understanding of how you create the stories and strategies.

  • As well as looking at techniques to clear existing blocks. With help, you will create a daily intentional practice in order to maintain focus around your goals.

  • I understand that not everyone moves at the same pace or in the same direction, and with that in mind, your program will follow a general arc but will be completely tailored to your personal needs and goals. In no order, the program will address the below and also give you the opportunity to chat through week-to-week issues that arise.

What you can expect in your sessions:

Detailed personal history/ issues/ blocks/ goals and intentions for the future.

Framing the philosophy behind the program. The models we will use - Gestalt Theory, Drama Triangle, Matrix therapies, NLP communication model. Establishing intention-based

Clearing Negative Influences - the programming picked up from parents, significant partners, bullies, teachers etc. These are often around money, relationships, success, failure,
health, assertiveness, self-worth, emotional responses, values and beliefs.
Clearing emotions - anger, sadness, fear, guilt. Clearing limiting beliefs/ blocks/decision-making processes

Understanding and eliminating internal confusion and conflict.

Creating a clear vision for the future/ Looking at current strategies and changing them to create resourceful strategies that will lead to success.

Reviewing the program. Ensuring resourceful strategies are understood and being implemented.

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Who Is Cat Valentine?

With a BSc and MBA from Griffith University, NLP Master Practitioner Trainer accreditation from NLPAA and an Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts from Swinburne University; Cat is an educator who provides the space and insights for massive personal and professional transformations. 

Cat Valentine is a much-loved, passionate coach and trainer. She is a daughter, mother, grandmother, sister, lover, friend, artist, alchemist, businesswoman and mentor. She also educates other NLP practitioners and life coaches through one-on-one consulting, and as a trainer for the Evolve Now Mind Institute, a leading educational provider of the Pip McKay methodologies.

Her superpower is listening and helping you rediscover your passion, your self-worth and your enthusiasm for life.

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Let's connect

If you would like more information about the training program, please get in touch using the details to the right. You can schedule a call to discuss the program and have any questions answered.