Breaking the Chains

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Learn how your unconscious mind is controlling you.

Go from STUCK to LIVING LIFE YOUR WAY  with this 7-day program.        


When you understand how the past influences you and know exactly where you are now, then you can launch into the future creating your best life. We show you how.

Imagine what it would feel like to live a life you actually love and truly knowing what happiness feels like, all while maintaining healthy boundaries?

Are you sick and tired of feeling stuck?

Are you fed up trying to carry the weight of everyone else's expectations while ignoring your needs and desires?

Then Cat has created Breaking the Chains for YOU.

Let the team at Cat Valentine Coaching share their knowledge with you, so you can have the know-how to create your ideal life map.

The Breaking the Chains Program covers four simple steps to help you start living the life you want.

1. The Past: Understand at a deep level how you created the stories and habits that are controlling your life so that you can take charge.

2. The Present: Change only happens right now. Happiness can only happen right now. Learn techniques that allow you to let go of the past, stop fretting about the future, and start living in the present.

3. The Future: While you need to live in the present to create change, you need to plan for the future. The powerful processes in this program will allow you to become crystal clear about what that means for you.

4. Holistic Living: It's not just the mind, understand how physical health impacts emotional health and how to tune in so that you transform your life and create your roadmap to change.

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​With years of expertise and thousands of clients helped using this program, I’d love to welcome you to Cat Valentine Coaching with a saving of over $997. The Breaking the Chains 7 Day program is yours for the one-off price of $47.

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