What is Inner Child & Transformation Coaching?

At Cat Valentine Coaching, we are here to work with you to let go of the stories stopping you from living your brightest, most fulfilling life.

Inner Child & Transformation Coaching gives you the ability to have a one-on-one relationship with me or one of my trained coaches who will teach you how to engage all the tools you already possess to live a richer, happier, and more fulfilling life.

At Cat Valentine Coaching, you have the option of working with me* or one of the coaches I have personally trained in the techniques I have spent years mastering. Cat Valentine Coaches are trained in NLP, Matrix Therapies, Masculine and Feminine, and Passion and Purpose Methodologies. We have used these techniques, as well as our experience over the decades, to assist thousands of clients to regain power again in their lives and situations.

Each of my coaches is empathetic, confidential and genuinely loves watching their clients bloom over the sessions.

Real change starts with one step and here you are taking it!

*Please note that I will only take on 8 one-on-one clients at a time so if you are interested in working with me, get in touch quickly as these spots fill up very quickly.

If no spots are available, we can discuss other options with my fabulous coaches, or you can be added to my waitlist.

The Cat Valentine One-On-One Program:

When working with Cat or one of her coaches, they will organise 10 weekly private sessions over 3 months.

These 60-minute sessions will be conducted over video calling (Zoom or Skype) and your set weekly
session time will be set in your first meeting with your Coach.

FREE MEMBERSHIP to Your Road To Resilience 6-Month Course (RRP $997)

Multiple payment options! One-off payment of $2497 or $300 per month for 9 months

We understand that not everyone moves at the same pace or in the same direction, and with that in mind, your program will follow a general arc but will be completely tailored to your personal needs and goals. In no order, the program will address the below and also give you the opportunity to chat through week-to-week issues that arise.
Detailed personal history/ issues/ blocks/ goals and intentions for the future
Framing the philosophy behind the program. The models we will use - Gestalt Theory, Drama Triangle, Matrix therapies, NLP communication model. Establishing intention-based living.
Clearing Negative Influences - the programming picked up from parents, significant partners, bullies, teachers, etc. These are often around money, relationships, success, failure, health, assertiveness, self-worth, emotional responses, values, and beliefs.
Clearing emotions - anger, sadness, fear, guilt. Clearing limiting beliefs/ blocks/decision-making processes
Understanding and eliminating internal confusion and conflict.
Creating a clear vision for the future/ Looking at current strategies and changing them to create resourceful strategies that will lead to success.
Reviewing the program. Ensuring resourceful strategies are understood and being implemented.

Your Road To Resilience Community:

At Cat Valentine Coaching, we know “it takes a village” and with that in mind, we would like to invite you to become part of the Your Road To Resilience community as part of your personal coaching program.

While a separate program altogether, all One-On-One clients will have complimentary access to the online workshops, live weekly group sessions hosted by me*, and online peer chat groups for the duration of their 3-month personal coaching.

If you are already a member of the road to resilience community and you would like to engage in Personal Innerwork Coaching, your program and access to YRTR will be extended for an additional 3 months.

What are you waiting for? Reach out to me today for a 30 min no-obligation chat to learn how Personal Innerwork Coaching can help transform your life.

You're here, you've taken your first step. Take that second step with us!

*if you are not able to make the weekly group sessions and lessons with Cat Valentine, you will have access to recordings.