Breaking the Chains

Breaking the Chains

Learn how your unconscious mind is controlling you
Go from stuck to living life, your way with this 7 day program...                                       

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Between birth and seven years old, you are creating 90% of the unconscious programming that will run your life. Learn how to reprogram more resourceful behaviour.


Reliving the glory days only leads to sadness. Putting happiness off until some future date means you never know what happiness feels like.

Happiness can only be felt in the present moment.


When you understand how the past influences you and know exactly where you are now,then you can launch into the future creating your best life.

We show you how.

As Cat Says,

"At Cat Valentine Coaching, we help you to create your best life, By overcoming your roadblocks and unconscious programming, you’ll be free to truly start living a life of success, love, and happiness.
You will be free to focus on the parts of your life you love, and leave the limiting beliefs behind. And the best part?
As you build more resourceful strategies, you will create a positive feedback loop that further accelerates the change you are looking for.
Our passion is facilitating change in those who are ready to step up and take charge of their lives.
Imagine what it would feel like to live a life you actually love, and truly knowing what happiness feels like...
All while maintaining healthy boundaries?
You’re positive mindset will inspire others...
You'll be focussed on what is important to you...
Stop wasting time...
Love to get up every day...
Never have to listen to the old stories that used to control you. You’d finally be able to enjoy the lifestyle freedom you’ve always wanted.
If you told me a few years ago that this was possible, I wouldn’t have listened.

I was adamant that I had it all under the control. I had done all of the things I was supposed to do for a successful life...Worked hard, gone to university, married, children, successful business, I was so not in control!
The worst part was that the more I micromanaged, the more things felt as though they were slipping away.

In the end, due to reasons I didn't fully understand and couldn't control, my 30 year marriage ended, two of my children had mental health issues, and I found myself alone and terrified.
Ironic, right? But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because when I inevitably hit rock bottom, I finally realised I needed to step back and get out of those fear based habits of behaviour. I needed to find a way to go deep within and reprogram decades of limiting
That’s when I started my inner work and everything changed.
Little by little, I started learning tools and techniques that changes my life...
Years later, I am in a position where I have helped many people create the lives they want.

And the best part is, I can offer this program for others to start creating their life map.
So, can I ask you...
Are you sick and tired of feeling stuck?
Are you fed up trying to carry the weight of everyone else's expectations while ignoring your needs and desires?...

Then I’ve created Breaking the Chains for YOU."

Let the team at Cat Valentine Coaching share their knowledge with you, so you can have the know how to create your life map.