Cat Valentine is a renowned speaker, event facilitator, businesswoman, coach, educator, and NLP Trainer.

A shining example of the power of her message — that a life of integrity, purpose and inner strength begins with reconnecting to our spirit — Cat has inspired people everywhere to free themselves from old thought patterns, gain the life they always wanted to create for themselves.

A passionate leader, Cat not only overcame the odds to transform her own life, she helped her children heal from addiction and mental illness.

She is a daughter, mother, grandmother, sister, lover, friend, artist, alchemist, businesswoman and much-loved mentor.

An MBA graduate and Master Practitioner and Trainer in the field of neurolinguistics programming, Cat hosts workshops and events that inspires change, challenges old concepts and accelerates growth on a personal and professional level.

She also educates other NLP practitioners and life coaches through one-on-one consulting and as a trainer for the Evolve Now Mind Institute, a leading educational provider of the Pip McKay methodologies.

Cat also coaches clients in private sessions.

She has helped many people move forward and overcome blocks to happiness, loving relationships, successful careers and much more. She also works with children and young adults suffering anxiety and overwhelm.


My dream is that all people, no matter where they are in the world, may stand up and have the confidence to be seen, heard and valued.

About cat valentine COACHING

Imposter Syndrome?
Is there anyone who truly knows YOU?

Think back to the last time you truly connected with someone. Your life was filled with possibility and intimacy. Your dreams felt so real you could almost touch them.

Then life happened and you ventured a little off-course (or maybe a lot off-course!). There were betrayals, personally and at work. You felt isolated and needed to put up a facade to protect yourself. The dreams disappeared and everything felt a whole lot different from what you imagined.

You have been able to use this persona to create the life you thought you wanted and yet there is still something missing. It’s frustrating because you have always been in control, solving problems and getting ahead.

Now here you are…

Looking like you have it all and feeling life has denied you the best bits.

Before I became a coach and NLP and Matrix Therapies trainer, I had a professional career and built an orthopaedic company which I ran with my former husband for 15 years. We travelled extensively and had an abundance of financial success, yet I always felt I was living someone else’s ideal, using a facade to create the person I thought I needed to be.

Then I was diagnosed with a hormonal and adrenal condition, one of my children was diagnosed with a serious mental illness and another was devastated by the grips of addiction.

Eventually, my 27-year marriage broke down. There I stood, facade crumbling and no idea of how to tap back into ME.

No way forward – I was fed up with having to pretend yet I was terrified that the real me wouldn’t be good enough.

I still had a lot of the trappings of success – I wasn’t feeling successful.

Even though I couldn’t feel it, there was still a spark. That piece of me that was determined to shine.

When we learn to trust and be guided, that spark turns into a fire that ignites our soul.

I’m a healer, educator, speaker and adventurer, constantly fascinated by the mind-body connection.

My mission is to facilitate the transformation of lives all over the world by shifting mindset and supporting people to stand in their strength and truth .

When you do, the ripple effect is positive and limitless.

And this is what drives me to do what I do. I will help you tap back into the strength of being unapologetically YOU; possibility when you feel stuck; and show you how to shake off the expectations and influence of others.

I can help you shine your light so you can live the life you choose.

Cat xx


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